Noiice x Doll Face Club

Hello all, my favorite collab ever is here. NOIICE flavors are special because the man does all the work himself. Each piece is hand dyed not machine made and they last literally forever. I’ve been wearing mine for over 2 years now so just take care of them and they’ll last just as long. Let these air dry! Wash cold !

because they are twice washed, sizing is small. Get a size larger for real fit or two sizes up for a comfier look.

No returns what so ever, they are pre order!

These are all pre order so please give him time after the week of pre ordering to dye everything and then for me to print them all. Normally my pre orders are no longer then a week or two but this isn’t the case. Be patient because last time I did a collab with him, I had one of one and everyone was upset. Tried to do this so everyone can have their own.

April 7th to April 14th! Then it’s action til they’re in your hands. Thank you for the love and thank you to NOIICE for the flavors !! Xoxo